Essay Informative Speech : Welcome New College Freshman

Essay Informative Speech : Welcome New College Freshman

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Welcome new college freshman, we are here today to discuss how to create and promote health and attain wellness. There is a preconception that all college students will gain an extra fifteen pounds also called the “freshman fifteen”, when they start school because of all of the unhealthy options and unlimited amount of access to food. Before ever trying to even create a healthy lifestyle it’s important to understand how people become obese and unhealthy, how to help prevent it and how being healthy and having wellness benefits your life. Let’s take a look at how it all starts.
Starting at a young age, some children are exposed to constant junk food because the parents do not want to make a meal because they are too tired, so they simply throw some processed food in the microwave and call it good. That’s starting kids at a young age that bad eating is okay. Parents are supposed to encourage their kids to healthy habits such as eating their fruits and vegetables, however, the parents’ activity in their child’s heath is just the start to obesity. An inactive lifestyle plays a large role because one is not burning calories that they have eaten through the day, without activity, the body does not get the heart pumping and other muscles moving. The environment that one is in can cause obesity, such as a busy life schedule, no close play areas, constant advertisement for fast food and even the access to healthy food. The environment influences the way children look at food at a young age, and without the help of the parents and the encouragement to go be active, children will fall into the fast pace routine of just grabbing something on the go instead of eating well; the influence of the environment on children will follow them as the...

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... promotes a better life, when they are healthy, they will feel healthy and will also be less susceptible to illness. Number three, the one I believe most beneficial for college students, is the mental benefits of the release of anxiety and depression. Being brand new freshman and away from home, the first few months will be very emotional with being homesick and overwhelmed with new experiences; exercise is there to help relieve some of the stress and help you get through the hard times.
Now that you understand the dynamics of a healthy lifestyle and the huge benefits it has for children and adults, its time you make the choice if you want to constantly battle being overweight or unhealthy, or deciding to make the change now while you have help from others, the new life will bring much joy and release of many hard emotions. Healthy life is a true key to happiness

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