Informative Speech : Persuasive Speech Essay

Informative Speech : Persuasive Speech Essay

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Personally, I have never been nervous to speak in public, especially not in front of my peers, and that was a good advantage for me in this class. Not only that, but this class allowed me to show the different ways to express my arguments as well as inform my fellow classmates about topics that matter to me and affect me personally. I always choose a topic that I could relate to and had importance to me or else it would have been difficult to give a speech about something that I didn’t care about and had no in-depth knowledge to captivate my audience and make them thing differently after listening to my speech. To support my claims, I used personal experiences, common knowledge, and statistics, among other things that validated my argument and didn’t make it a rant or me just stating something you could read on twitter online. One of the speeches in which I used this strategy is the informative speech I gave about immigration in the United States. To give that speech it was important to give reliable statistics from well-known sources to captivate the audience attention to the problems the country is facing.
The problem I noticed every time one of my speeches was graded is that the problems I had were similar and although I would try to correct them, it was easier to just back to the usual and just lose those points. I wish I would have taken fixing certain aspects of my speech giving abilities and make sure the only mistakes I made where in my argumentation and not on my posture, tone, or accent. Considering that English is my second language, I already knew it would be difficult to prevent my accent from interfering my speech. However, I felt it gave me some credibility on the informative speech about immigration because you c...

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...esses. By making an argument by authority, I was able to show that it wasn’t me the only one who cared about the topic and thought it was important, but someone who was smarter and more experienced that myself making the same arguments I was trying to make. However, it was important to avoid fallacies since those would reduce the value of your arguments and as a result your overall speech.
In conclusion, the class gave me valuable lessons on how to express different arguments I think are important for the public to know about. I was lucky that I wasn’t nervous about giving speeches and never had to do any pre-speech rituals because I was confident in myself and my arguments based on the work I had put into my speech preparation. Although I enjoyed this class, I’m satisfied that I no longer have to take it, but I expect the lessons learned will aid me in the future.

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