Informative Report On The Importance Of College Education Essay

Informative Report On The Importance Of College Education Essay

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Has you have already read my midterm reflection, I had a lot improve on. I 'm happy to say I have meet those goals and achievements. I have improve my writing little by little I’m working my way up. In this letter I’m going to mention what I have improved on and what area are indeed of more improvement. I would be mentioning three types of essay: informative report, argument, and an ethnography profile. The informative report was revealed on the importance of college education. I find this topic important because education is something someone should know more about. In the second essay, an argument paper, was on an argument why should the nation work on or improve on the immigration programs. Throughout the argument it mention why it should be improve and what will happen if improved. In the last essay, an ethnography profile, was an observation of CSUMB’S RA. I decide to do the observation on the RAs because not much of the people know what they really do. So throughout the profile I mention stuff that students didn’t know about RAs. Throughout this letter, I’m going to present some overall description of these assignments and review the strengths and weakness in each assignment.
In the first essay, informative report was on evaluation of the importance of college education. The purpose of the informative report was to present to students the importance of having a college education and also to inform the importance of a college education to whom don’t know much about a college education. Although I wasn’t trying to argue if they should go to college or shouldn’t. I also evaluate why some students find college education an option in their lives. Specifically I inform other students the aspects and benefits of a college educatio...

... middle of paper ...

...e I dint know much to write on the type of essay. But after having my one on one I understood more of these assignment then before. These was the first time I have written these type of essay.
Like I said last time, I promise I would read and read until I can reach a higher level than I am now. I find reading to be able to help me improve in all the area that in need of improvement. Practice writing more often than just when I have to. Just start writing about my life to help me improve more. I do believe and would like for you to also believe that within the time I would be able to improve. I know these writings might not approve for college, but I’m just starting. I know at the end, I would be better in my writing. Within time I have improve. And will continue to improve. All I need is support and help to improve my writing. Thank you for time and bearing with me.

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