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Information Technology Professional Skills Essay

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In this assignment for Introduction to IT professional skills we are required to research on different types of cultures in relation to computing and IT. In this study I will be researching the impact of one culture on the communication process. There are various types of cultures that can be discussed for example: gaming, email, internet, etc. but for this assignment I have chosen to write on cell phones and their impact on communication. Every culture has impact on one another culture because we live in a multicultural society.

My task is to write a five page essay about my chosen culture and conclude with a brief summary of what I have learnt. I will do this step by step in my 5 page essay. In the following section I will write about what tools people used before cell phones were invented.

Figure 1 Smartphones



Life wasn’t so easy until the cell phones were invented. After the invention of mobiles people got a powerful tool to connect to the rest of the world, just sitting at home. Mobiles didn’t come to existence until 1983. People used different types of communication tools before that, for ex- Telegraphs, Telegrams, Letters, and Telephones. It used to be very difficult to communicate to your near and dear ones until the mobiles were invented

Ross Cantanzariti indicates that the first mobile that became commercially available was DynaTac 8000x. Since then the mobile sales grew exponentially from 11 million subscribers in 1990 to 4,100 million in 2008. That’s approximately 80% of the total world population. So mobiles have become necessity in today’s world. Mobiles are not use...

... middle of paper ... a brief look at the pros and cons of having a cell phone we can understand that having a mobile in today’s world is very important. For better connectivity to family and friends a cell phone is a very important tool but as said by Albert Einstein “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits” which indicates that we should be in limits whenever we do anything. So we should use a cell phone because it is a necessity in today’s world but its use should be in a limit so that it doesn’t affect our body and don’t distract others. Talking to someone who is quite far from our place is genuine but talking to someone who is just next door shows how much addicted a person is to his cell phone. Also too much use of cell phones can cause many diseases. We should not be so much addicted to cell phones that they finish natural human interaction.

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