Information Technology, Marketing Practice, And Consumer Privacy : Ethical Issues

Information Technology, Marketing Practice, And Consumer Privacy : Ethical Issues

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Foxman, E., & Kilcoyne, P. (1993). Information Technology, Marketing Practice, and Consumer Privacy: Ethical Issues. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 12(1), 106-119. Retrieved from
The article discusses how marketers ' use of the new information technologies has provided the opportunity for improved market segmentation and target marketing. However, the profession faces ethical conflicts because application of these technologies commonly invades consumer privacy. The authors examine the ethical dimensions of marketing practice in relation to consumer privacy. The meaning of privacy in a marketing context is explored and specific marketing threats to consumer privacy are described. After examining current and potential mechanisms to safeguard consumer privacy, the authors conclude that marketers must make an active commitment to ethical behavior in this area if restrictive legislation is to be avoided.

Lin, L. , Cherng, R. , Chen, Y. , Chen, Y. , & Yang, H. (2015). Effects of television exposure on developmental skills among young children. Infant Behavior and Development, 38, 20-26.
The authors come from different affiliated institutions such as the Department of Occupational and National Division of Speech/Language Therapy, and the Department of Physical Therapy College of Medicine of Tainan, Taiwan. The intended audience is pediatric practitioners who need to explain the impacts of television exposure to parents and caregivers to ensure cognitive, language, and motor development in young children. This work is different to the ones I got to read before because this research studied the behavior of 75 children who were frequently exposed to television and 75 child...

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...l and long-lasting intellectual benefits that cannot be attributed to obvious confounding variables such as family income and parents ' education. However, the mechanisms underlying this association have yet to be determined.
The website name appears as Current Directions in Psychological Sciences. The author is affiliated with the University of Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario, and Canada. The author has written more articles related to this specific topic. The objectivity level is not effective since there are not advertisements on the site related to the topic. In addition, the website doesn’t provide a specific posting date, but all the links work correctly. Also, the information is backed with full citations and support the hypothesis that exposing the child in the first five years of life to classical music is beneficial for cognitive and/or language development.

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