Information Technology Is Important For Their Future Success Essay

Information Technology Is Important For Their Future Success Essay

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Southwest CEO Gary Kelly has realized that information technology (IT) is important for their company and their future success. In a way, there are two sides for airlines to deal with when it comes to expanding. Airlines may be limited, in some aspects, to what airports can provide to airlines on the technological front and then airlines have their own company and planes to keep up to date and ahead of the game. As Kelly has put it, “In many ways, our technology is ahead, but technology at our airports has been behind… throughout our organization--finance, back office, managing flight crews, maintenance crews at hangars--we 're employing more and more technology tools [5].” Bringing in technology, especially that of which incorporates information, such as information about airlines, customers, etc., IT is what will help Southwest automate their work, “manage passengers more efficiently, know [their] customers better, and shorten the time aircraft spends out of service [5].”
One service Southwest has been providing for a long time now, and was amongst the first to do so, is the ability to purchase tickets from kiosks, but now they are working on improving upon that service and make it better. Southwest looks to help improve travelers time spent at the airport, allow for itinerary changes and bookings, and even see it replacing clerks [5]. Southwest uses Java 2 Enterprise Edition to build these using IBM’s WebSphere development environment. This overall became the first push for Southwest to develop its own reservation system and the other part was moving online. Southwest launched its website in 1995 and by 1996 were selling tickets online. This would led Southwest to generate more than 70% of its passenger revenue online and esp...

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...that allowed for better landing, with the use of GPS satellites, or moving their business to the cloud to be able to virtualize a big chunk of their business. As of May 2013, however, Southwest announced Craig Maccubbin as the CTO and VP of Technology Operations for the company. Maccubbin, prior to joining, served in the same positions for Spirit Airlines, as well as working for Zeta Interactive, Black Entertainment Television, and also established a large consulting practice [11]. For Southwest, Maccubbin will “oversee approximately 500 Employees engaged in support of the airline 's technology agenda.  His primary function is to support the day-to-day operational aspects of running technology solutions for all of Southwest Airlines, including operations of the airline 's data centers.  In addition, he will lead the Quality Assurance function within Technology” [11].

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