Information Technology Is Becoming An Imminent Part Of Today 's Healthcare

Information Technology Is Becoming An Imminent Part Of Today 's Healthcare

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Information technology is becoming an imminent part of today’s healthcare. The HITECH Act outlined the adoption of Electronic Health Record (EHR) through meaningful use criteria and federal incentive payments for providers who adopt EHR. Using EHR systems can improve patient safety and quality through the use of checklists, clinical guidelines, alert systems, evidence-based practices, electronic prescribing, computerized physician order-entry systems (CPOEs), and performance dashboards. Moreover, EHR improves communication between providers and allied health professionals by providing faster and accurate communication.
Successful implementation of system-wide EHR systems depends on leadership’s commitment and clinical staff involvement, training, and budget. Late-starters or laggards may take a long time to adopt an innovation. Before the change in implemented, it is important to call for a meeting that include clinical staff by making them part of the decision-making team.The first step is to help them understand why change is necessary. In this case, have a pros and cons list of paper-based health records can help the laggards come to the conclusion that change is indeed necessary. Continuing education and training plays a big role during the transition time. The best way to provide reassurance is to listen to the staff problems and providing possible solutions and training. After the successful transition, laggards may still need reassurance and technical support to help them navigate through the new system. Healthcare organizations should foster a productive and positive working relationship between administrators and medical staff to accomplish the day-to-day tasks and provide safe quality care to every patient. Medical st...

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... state regulations. In order to survive in today’s competitive healthcare environment, leadership must constantly monitor regulatory changes in healthcare financing environment. Moreover, leadership must continuously track cash flows, capital budget, revenue cycle, debt and operation expenses of their healthcare organizations. All the stakeholders, including financial managers, investors, donors, contractors, and vendors must detect issues related to risk and compliance. If there is an issue, the stakeholders must call for a meeting and inform each other about the issue to promote business transparency. Stakeholders must pay important attention to finance while making strategic decisions. Continuous monitoring of regulatory changes, active financial management and continuing education for all stakeholders can lead to financially successful healthcare organizations.

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