Information Technology : Certifications Or Degrees Essay example

Information Technology : Certifications Or Degrees Essay example

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Information Technology: Certifications or Degrees; Why Not Obtain Both
As society becomes increasingly reliant on technology to facilitate our everyday life, the Information Technology profession, more commonly known as IT (Webmaster, 2014), is the fastest growing industry in the world with an abundant of career opportunities within. The IT professional has the potential to develop a prosperous career that will create and sustain job stability, offer financial growth, and establish self-accomplishment. Considering the rapid growth of the industry, it is competitive and the demand for professionals is high. No matter what the personality of an individual may be, there is a broad range of promising career options in the IT industry ranging from the fields of IT consultant, cloud architect, computer forensic investigator, and network administrator to name a few. There are various ingredients that can make this career field a successful and lucrative choice for up and coming professionals in their business life. Two major ingredients for this industry include higher education degrees and certifications. Having a degree(s) and a certification(s) reinforces an individual’s knowledge of the IT industry and enhances a resume, heightening an individual’s worth as an IT professional. An IT certification or an IT degree can make a major difference in the professionals’ career path, both monetary and prestige. There is an ongoing debate (Tally, 2013) within the industry that certifications outweigh a degree versus a degree outweighing certifications in developing a career in the IT field. However, in lieu of just having certifications or just degrees, why not obtain both.
The IT (Webmaster, 2014) career field offers one of the biggest advant...

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...a way of life. This makes for an interesting long-term career that can be tweaked in varying directions, tailoring self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction to the IT professional. The more education, knowledge and certifications that are acquired throughout the field will allow more advancement, financial gain and security for the professional in this career. Different employers require different means; therefore, certifications may possibly outweigh a degree and very well can be said that a degree may outweigh certifications, but, having both of these ingredients is a recipe for success. Dedication to this career with the right mix of education, experience, and certifications will lead to a lucrative, sustainable career choice and a satisfying self-accomplishment. A certification or a degree; the safest solution to succeed in the IT profession, why not obtain both.

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