Information Technology and Globalization Essay

Information Technology and Globalization Essay

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In Globalization process technology is the main factor. I meant to say Information Technology. We have lot of examples how IT is effect on globalization. 25 years back in computer and telecom field they improved a lot in span of short time, which is access to economic potential and information. So later years this effect is on all areas of the economy. Can you imagine now any field without computer and internet? No right. So all these are in the part of IT. Making easy to understand and creating effective channels in the process of exchange information. IT has been medium for global integration.

So to enable Globalization IT is mandatory and this technology emerges between the industrial developed countries. Globalization means improvement in the human life. We know like 20, 30 years back how many people went to study in abroad, how many people went to vacations to other countries? What about now? We can imagine now how people changed to go other countries I mean our neighbor countries to anywhere in the earth this graph is increased like a hockey stick. 20 30 years ago only scientists are having internet. At that time no one knows what is internet also what is telephone. But now I don’t find any person without knowing what is internet what is mobile phone. So this is called Globalization, can you imagine globalization without technology?

Source for the technological revolution is industrialized countries, that revolution effects globalization but the global economy also got ripple effect from the technological revolution. We can see in the mail system also it used to take days not days we can say weeks to send a mail from place to another place before this technological revolution, but now we can do instantaneously.

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...ving, Managers should not overlook because it’s a crucial ethical deliberation and not only a great marketing step. With all these points, marketplaces let for contradictory demographics, these society presents lot of opportunity for marketing and business. Mainly on the other side, engineers are tasked with creating products.

Combining these points, the globalized society presents enormous opportunity for businesses. Intercultural marketplaces allow for differing demographics, larger market potential, a more diverse customer base (and therefore more diverse product offering), and a highly valuable human resource potential. On the other end of the bargain, managers are tasked with localizing products and services effectively in a way that minimizes the adverse cultural and environmental effects caused by this rapid global expansion to maintain an ethical operation.

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