Information Technology and Ethical Challenges and Security Essay

Information Technology and Ethical Challenges and Security Essay

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With the growth of information technology use in organization, there is also a parallel growth in some individuals or businesses engagement in some unethical behaviors relating to the use of information technology. That is a good enough reason why it would be vital for education systems and businesses to tackle about the ethical concerns of information technology usage and to come out with code of ethics to restore ethical issues and violations. According to Brooks (2010), there are four major problems which concern the managers of information technology the most. The problems are as following (a) security, (b) privacy, (c) electronic monitoring, and (d) intellectual property of workforces. In this paper, this paper will address these major issues and identify the ethical challenges presented by each issue.

The thought of security of data refers to protecting or to keeping any data from damage or unofficial and undesirable actions. In other words, it refers to maintain or ensure the privacy of the data and electronic information alongside of its integrity, and allow certain individuals with certain legitimacy or authority to access it. In our lives, how many times did we hear about or see hackers hacking some unauthorized information? Then they take this information and publish it on the internet, they might remove it, damage it or modify it or for any other reasons. Hacking Hillary Clinton’s email account and taking snapshots of the very private emails then publishing them on the internet might be an example and many unlimited examples are out there. Today due to complexity of structure of its use, it is overwhelmingly difficult, in particular for businesses to secure their data and protect their information. Nowadays, almost ...

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