Information Systems At The College Of Business At Uf Essay

Information Systems At The College Of Business At Uf Essay

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1. I am studying Information Systems at the college of business at UF. This is because my parents are small business owners themselves. Growing up I saw them make very hard decisions from laying certain employees off to where they wanted their store to be located. Although neither of them have a degree in business they are successful and I would like to mirror this success by someday hopefully opening a small business of my own. Additionally through the study of the economy, the business industry is the only own that has an effect on the entire world. Although opening up a small business of my own is a goal I would also like to look at the business world from a more global standpoint, seeing the inner working of the word wide economy and international business relations.

2. Being currently enrolled in the Air Force ROTC here at the University of Florida I ideally see myself in 5 years as being an officer in the United States Air Force. In the Air Force however, I hope to be an Intelligence Officer, analyzing data that is given and turning it into useful information that can be used to accomplish whatever task is at hand. I would find this fulfilling simply because of an intrinsic need to be a part of something bigger, to serve my country and hopefully save lives with of information that I will decode and brief on as commanding officers give order to accomplish any given task.

3. In order to receive a commission in the Air Force and be a successful Officer I will first need more experience as a leader. I plan on doing this by getting involved various clubs and teams on the University of Florida in such a way that I may receive a position of leadership. By doing this I will get hands on experience of what it is like to lead people...

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... came with being a military officer. This is because job posting two was regarding sales and the most important part about sales is communication. I stressed my military background in both resumes however because the military instills traits that extremely valuable to companies such as leadership skills, work ethic, and strong communication skills. In both resumes I also included the time I spent on the Florida Club Swim and Dive team. I did this not only because of the leadership positions I held but because I feel as though it added diversity to my resume. Finally I added my active membership in the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. This was, I felt, an extremely important thing to add because of the leadership positions I held. Also because of my time in this fraternity I got a strong basis for all aspects of business, not just information systems.

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