Information Systems And The Information System Essay

Information Systems And The Information System Essay

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Information Systems
An information system refers to a collection of components which are used for the collection, storage and the processing of some raw data so that information may be provided. Different fields have made use of information systems in various ways due to their capacity to inform and give digital products. These areas have relied on it (information system) in performing and managing operations with the aim of increasing production and efficiency. For instance, they have been used in running inter-organizational supply chains as well as the electronic markets. Also, prominent and Complex Corporation is understood to benefit from these systems in processing financial accounts, managing their resources and also in reaching their potential customers through the online promotions. It can be summed up by saying that, studies have revealed that most of the companies in the labor industry are built exclusively around information systems (Jahangir 49).
Information systems have been classified into three categories. These are Transactional Processing Systems (TPS), Management Information Systems (MIS) and the Expert Systems. The Management Information System is understood to have several branches such as Decision Support Systems (DSS) as well as the Executive Information System in which the two categories play different roles. A Decision Support system is a system which is understood to have the ability to analyze different types of data and then presenting it in a manner which eanables the user to make decisions in extra effective and competent manner. DSS can be said to be an informational application which relies mainly on the existing information in giving answers to individual queries. Due to the broadness of th...

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...e best decisions are considered as on the other hand the new ones are done away with. Other important aspects of MIS are its ability to give actual updates on existence in the system. Also, Management Information Systems are very essential since they improve the company securities and also it can be used in monitoring and fixing problems among other key aspects (Al-Zhrani 1149).

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