Information Systems : An Essential Part Of Every Business Essay

Information Systems : An Essential Part Of Every Business Essay

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Nowadays, the using of digitalised information systems has become an essential part of every business. This is because modern dynamic and high speed community requires quick responses and a high speed communication. In addition, this technology gives an opportunity to search, operate and create valuable information from enormous amount of data. Thus, having information systems in collaboration with information communication technology is essential for every organisation. Moreover, that right information gives enormous opportunity and competitive advantage for owners. It is clear that these technologies bring huge opportunities and benefits for the business. However, information as valuable staff is very attractive for criminals and competitors, so they also bring risks. This means that not enough protected information not only vulnerability, but also it is potential losing of financial gain for the company. Usually, it leads to losing of finance and market share, and in worse situation, to company reputation’s damage. In order to avoid these situations organisations and all their chief level officers all the time need to be aware about cyber security issues. Currently, there are different groups of cyber security vulnerabilities and different groups of solutions for them. This paper firstly will examine how different “C” level officers are responsible for the cyber security of the company. Then will demonstrate different groups of cyber security issues and market products in order to solve them. And finally, will evaluate which sector of that market more suitable for the small cyber security start-up company.
1.1 Understanding “C” level responsibility
It can be clearly seen that cyber security problems are one of the main problems...

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..., chief legal officer also must consider about cyber security issues (CLO). CLOs are responsible for all legal issues of company. They also responsible for making new contracts and hire temporary sub-contractors for temporary jobs. Unsufficient looking for contracts and unreliable sub-contractors might lead to financial lose (Ayyagari and Tyks, 2012). Moreover, they should keep under control how information being used in order to avoid legal issues, such as issues with privacy and information security act. CLOs also should be aware when their company will deal with foreign company, such as joint venture or opening overseas branch. This means that they should carefully understand native laws and rules in order to avoid legal issues. In addition, they should examine each part of contracts with other companies, especially when this agreement affects information sharing.

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