Information System Used by the Government Department in Malaysia Essay

Information System Used by the Government Department in Malaysia Essay

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The information system that will be evaluated in this paper is from Malaysia. This information system is used by one of the government department in Malaysia. The government department involved is Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia or in Malay Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (JUPEM). JUPEM started in 1885 and actually one of the earliest departments in Malaysia where it main purpose is to perform survey and mapping activities within Malaysia and also country international boundaries. The vision of establishment of JUPEM is to make JUPEM an important organization that provide survey and mapping services outstandingly and together with geospatial data management to accomplish the nation’s vision.
The main functions of JUPEM is to advise the government in anything related to cadastral survey and mapping and also about the state and international boundaries and to provide complete and efficient cadastral information for issuing land, strata, and stratum titles.
The information system that interests me in this government department is a new established system called eKadaster (eCadastre). eKadaster is a development project initiated by the government of Malaysia but offered for further development to Precision Portal Sdn. Bhd. on 22nd December 2006. The main objective of eKadaster development is to shorten the time usually take to provide the owner with their land titles from previously 2 years to only 2 months. Other than that, the development of eKadaster is to create National Digital Cadastral Database (NDCDB) covering all Peninsular Malaysia. Moreover, the objective of developing eKadaster is to integrate eKadaster and eTanah (eLand) towards faster and efficient integrated spatial inform...

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...his is typically limited to nature of chronicle information throughout the advancement of NDCDB. The center group of eKadaster might need to determination such issues as it advances along in the stages throughout the advancement and execution periods. All in all, eKadaster extend is a major move from the old cadastral survey process. With the execution of eKadaster, JUPEM has the ability to lessen the conveyance time for its land title survey handle from 2 years to between less than that. The production of NDCDB with survey-exact organize has permitted JUPEM to speed up the cadastral survey transform with the utilization of satellite innovation (GNSS) and give completely GIS-prepared data. Consequently, JUPEM accept the eKadaster execution in the long run will profit the individuals and economical development also will contribute for the advancement for the nation.

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