Information Stored On Our Computer Essay

Information Stored On Our Computer Essay

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Internet has become an important part of our lives, it makes a lot of our basic duties easier such as paying bills, buy articles or even getting education online, but is it is all the information that we are storing on our computer secure? . The information stored on our computer is definitely not completely secure. There is many threats that can compromise users’ identity and data on internet, which could lead to serious problems if the appropriated security measures are not taken.
The risk is present every time a computer is turned on. Every computer is hackable, the only one that is not is the one is turned off. The technology and internet has grown so much that we are connected to the internet from our phones, computers, tables etc. therefore privacy infringements through the Internet have gotten out of hand. Until privacy becomes a principal concern for Internet users, they remain unsafe, the list of threat would be enumerable and I would like to mentions just a few examples like social engineering, cookies or the most popular social networks such as Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn
While internet is an important part of our modern lives, the majority of users usually don’t take the appropriate measures. Internet users don’t realize that the risk is real and can compromise identity, financial and personal information.

Privacy and security are two things that are hard to find on the Internet today, there are millions of skilled computer professional trying to get people information, but sometimes they don’t use their computer skills they use tool such as social engineering.
Believe it or not tricking a person into giving personal information away is not that hard to do. Hackers know this, and use it in so many wa...

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... good privacy settings for their profile and not having any unknown user as friend or contact on their accounts.
I would like to make a call to the computer and internet users to be cautious how you use the social-networking sites, because after you share your information it is always going to be out there no matter if the user deletes the post, after a person post a picture or information on internet or social sites is out of his control.

Finally, is good for users to remember that risk and treat on internet and computers against privacy are present in the computing world. Examples such as social engineering, cookies and social-networking sites are just a few of the millions of the risk users could face every day in the internet. The prevention starts on each one of us, we need to be aware of the risk at the same time be concern about our own private information.

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