Information Sharing in the Army's Contemporary Operational Environment Essay

Information Sharing in the Army's Contemporary Operational Environment Essay

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The potential of providing information or sharing information with agencies or personnel without proper authorization can be detrimental to the mission and the personnel involved. Working in a Joint/Combined nature of the Contemporary Operational Environment (COE) leads to numerous considerations of security when it comes to information sharing and intelligence productions. COE is the combination or current and near term operational environment variables with capabilities. It is based on the composite of potential adversaries in order to create a wide array of conditions necessary for full spectrum training and leader development. Sea, land, air, and space make up the COE in both the physical and technological aspect (Headquarters Department of the Army, 2010).
Due to the September 11, 2001 incident, the President has mandated and Congress has written into Law, the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and Presidential Executive Order 13356, which prescribes a standard across the board for Joint Forces to conduct information sharing and intelligence production. The intent is to maximize knowledge and situational awareness in order to become more proactive in fighting terrorism and be more successful in accomplishment of the mission in the COE.
Consideration for both the Joint (Department of Defense agencies to include the Armed Forces) and the Combined (United Nations and Allies) forces in the COE will be observed throughout this document. The Combined COE has far more in-depth security concerns than Joint, however when working in Joint COE there are considerations of structure and mission in each of the forces individually. The basic standards for Security requirements and procedures are established in DoD 5200.1-R, Information Secur...

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