Information Sharing and Piracy Controls Essay example

Information Sharing and Piracy Controls Essay example

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Evidently, the internet has revolutionized the society a great deal as far as communication is concerned. For example, information sharing is faster now; it is also easier to find information as compared to earlier on. Moreover, internet technology is undergoing incessant diversification.
Internet piracy is one of the challenges that results from the use of new technology. Specifically, internet piracy touches on copyright ownership as well as fair use, posing a number of challenges particularly in the strict implementation of these control measures. Internet piracy controls, therefore, are regulatory measures undertaken to deal with issues emerging from utilization of internet resources.
It is clear that software piracy coupled with counterfeiting, and illegal file sharing as well as lack of compliance in business are not only the current but also serious threats facing today’s global environment. For example, income from intellectual properties in the United Kingdom as per the year 2009 was estimated to be around 53 Billion Sterling Pounds. Undoubtedly, this is a good contribution to an economy. Even though some of the piracy control measures in Europe may still not be able to totally eradicate all piracy, however, it would in a significantly reduce illegal loading, as well as aid to set up a more sustainable ecosystem for content on the internet. As a matter of fact, it is important that issues emerging from application of these controls be addressed in a judicious manner. With this in mind, whether internet piracy controls require strict adherence or not, largely is dependent on the resultant effects to the stakeholders in the affected sectors.

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