Information Security Risk Assessment for a Distribution Company Essay example

Information Security Risk Assessment for a Distribution Company Essay example

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Information Security Risk Assessment for a Distribution Company

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Background
4. Risk Assessment
4.1. Organizational Assets
4.2. Assessment of Organizational Risk
4.3. Current Organizational Security Posture
4.4. Problems at GDI
4.5. Recommended Mitigation Strategy
5. Conclusion
6. References

1. Executive Summary
At this time the measures available to ensure information security include organizational controls such as limiting access to data, firewalls, antivirus systems, encryption, and application controls. When the security of the business fails and the private information of individuals is compromised the company faces many legal actions that can ruin the success of the organization. One way companies use information security that I find to be very helpful is encrypting (Rainer & Turban, 2009). Encrypting ensures that information is protected which is very important to me. Even if a cybercriminal is able to enter into a business’s network and collect information, the information will be encrypted and difficult for a hacker to use to his or her advantage. In this day and age I also think that antivirus systems are essential. The threat of viruses is everywhere and with more than one person working for a business; the network is under a huge threat for viruses which would leave the company susceptible to hackers and the unethical act of not protecting personal information.

2. Introduction
The Information Security Risk Assessment will provide Global Distribution, Inc. (GDI) with the necessary guidance information for understanding current vulnerabilities within the information security. As information technology continues t...

... middle of paper ...

.... In addition, data transmission must involve encryption and decryption with all transmissions being tracked. Through this mitigation strategy, the company can reduce costs and use the internal IT department to ensure that all information is being protected under methods that are superior and based on the company needs and not a third parties simple options for stating security.

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