Essay on Information Security Program And Its Sustainability

Essay on Information Security Program And Its Sustainability

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The fourth phase of the Information security program is the Sustain phase. In this phase we are making sure to keep the network, computer systems, applications, and environment up and running in a secure and protected manner. This includes making sure that implemented controls are continuing to work properly, continue to do vulnerability assessments, and continue to do education and awareness. The price of security is the eternal vigilance, since the security is the ongoing thing, rather than one event only. There are also certain challenges when dealing with the information security program and its sustainability. The environment is constantly changing (systems, people, the way we do business, processes), threats are constantly evolving, funding for the security can change (for better or worse), organizational culture can change in regard to information security, and the variety of the audience that we have to deal (executives, management, technical, non-technical). Because of these challenges organization needs to avoid being overconfident about their implemented information security program, since if believe too much in it without proper adjustment over time it may become necessary to begin this cycle again.
We can adopt Security Management Model to help us manage and sustain the Information security program. There are several management models that can be adopted to the organizational needs in order to take a systematic approach to managing security operations. Some of those models are: ISO network management model, and The maintenance model.
ISO model is the five-layer approach provides guidance to the network and system administration and management. These layers of ISO model addresses management and operation thorough fiv...

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... Finally, readiness and review’s primary goal is to keep information security program functioning as designed and continuously improving. This is accomplished by policy review, program review, rehearsals.
Sustaining Information security program as said before is a process that never stops. In order to be successful there are certain best practices that need to be implemented. Review Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans twice a year, and test them once a year, provide consistent security awareness training, Further educate security staff, review policies and procedures at least once a year, examine physical security regularly, review copyright and privacy policy once a year, validate hardware inventory once a year, check external security information sources quarterly, analyze department’s accomplishments and shortcomings when planning for the next year.

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