Essay about Information Security In Zanziabar Public Sector

Essay about Information Security In Zanziabar Public Sector

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The information security challenges faced in Zanzibar are persistent in transitional countries as could be seen in the case study “state of Information Security in Zanzibar’s public sector” (Shaaban, et al., 2012). Most of these challenges are partly attributed to lack of proper budgeting for ICT infrastructures, cultural gap awareness, political instability, trust, business continuity plan, and inadequate human resource management to effectively manage this technology (Dada, 2006).

The application of e-government in corporate governance to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector agencies and delivery of services to the users has increased extensively, due to its result oriented in accountability, transparency and availability of governance to the citizen. The viability of e-governance is not assured without the element of information security. Hence, E-government security is a vital prerequisite in the adoption and the attainment of a standard corporate e-governance in the public sector to secure the inflow of data and information. (Alfawaz et al., 2008).

The adoption and sustainability of e-government security in developing countries has been faced with challenges, irrespective of existing information security models, blue print and existing benchmark as seen from the case study of information security management in Zanzibar’s public sector (Shaaban, et al., 2012). “The feasibility of having a successful e-government is directly depended on the government overall ability and readiness to spend on the necessary information technology and related costs “(SUBHAJIT BASU 2004).
The cost of infrastructures required to set up information technology in developing countries is greatly influence by donor coun...

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