Information Security For Modern Enterprises Essay

Information Security For Modern Enterprises Essay

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Information security for modern enterprises
Nowadays, life of the person has totally changed due to technology in this in internet plays an important role to give the new life style. In this new generation every things done by the internet with in seconds and no matter how work is large or small. In every business securing enterprise information has never been more challenging. Because new generation fully educated with technology and revolutions. The technology has set the main goal on to youth of the every nation in all around the world because they are sharp minded.
Understand the definition of information security
Comprehend the history of computer security and how it evolved into information security
Understand the key terms and concepts of information security
Outline the phases of the security systems development life cycle
Understand the roles of professionals involved in information security within an organization
The History of Information Security
Began immediately after the first mainframes were developed
Groups developing code-breaking computations during World War II created the first modern computers
Physical controls to limit access to sensitive military locations to authorized personnel
Rudimentary in defending against physical theft, espionage, and sabotage
• The 1960s
• Advanced Research Procurement Agency (ARPA) began to examine feasibility of redundant networked communications
• Larry Roberts developed ARPANET from its inception
The Present
• The Internet brings millions of computer networks into communication with each other—many of them unsecured
• Ability to secure a computer’s data influenced by the security of every computer to which it is connected
What is Security?
• “The qual...

... middle of paper ... perform their daily jobs supporting the mission of the organization
Communities Of Interest
• Group of individuals united by similar interest/values in an organization
– Information Security Management and Professionals
– Information Technology Management and Professionals
– Organizational Management and Professionals
• Information security is a “well-informed sense of assurance that the information risks and controls are in balance.”
• Computer security began immediately after first mainframes were developed
• Successful organizations have multiple layers of security in place: physical, personal, operations, communications, network, and information.
• Security should be considered a balance between protection and availability
• Information security must be managed similar to any major system implemented in an organization using a methodology like SecSDLC

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