Information Security : An Organization Essay

Information Security : An Organization Essay

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Information security (IS) in modern organizations is of vital importance. Modern era of technology brings certain threats to information security but mostly are from internal factors. Enterprises ensures the need of safeguarding information by analysing information security risk for the business. The risk is managed by defining and implementing information security policies. The paper highlights that support from the senior management is essential in almost all decisions for securing information resource. Access controls and privileges assists in information assurance. Investment in information security controls depends upon measuring the business impact of threats. The paper concludes that security culture within an organization is the key factor that influences successful utilization of security measures and policies. All representatives of an enterprise should be made aware of their responsibility in regards to information security that results in framing IS culture within an organization.
1. Introduction
Due to globalization and gains, more and more enterprises are becoming reliant on Internet and information systems. But, it comes with information security risk. Organizations have become aware of security breaches and attacks due to vulnerabilities, technical issues, etc. and are investing in IS measures (Bojanc & Jerman-Blazic, 2013).
As per Glazer (1993, as cited in Doherty & Fulford, 2005), information is a strategic asset for the organizations used in strategic planning, daily process control and judgements.
The paper provides a comprehensive study of existing literature to sketch an unclouded picture of vital fundamentals of protecting enterprise information asset. The paper spotlights the need of ‘gap analysis’ between ...

... middle of paper ...

...d party contracts should have security policies documented when accessing business information (Alexander et al., 2013).
Top management should be involved in and should stay with security decisions. This is critical as most decisions are for outsourcing and partner firms (Johnson & Goetz, 2007).
2.2.5 Information Security Risk management
Risk management means identifications of risks, accessing their probability and then using measures to cut them down. The objective of IS risk management is to specify the relevant controls. The selection of IS controls for risk management depends upon certain factors like initial implementation and maintenance costs, global acceptance of controls for multinational enterprises, etc. (Peltier, 2013).
Risk assessment comes under BIA (Business impact analysis) and gauging the probability and losses by a threat (Alexander et al., 2013).

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