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Voodoo, also known as Voodou, is a religion that originated in Africa that later spread throughout the Western Hemisphere due to the slave trade. Its ability to provide those who practice it with a sense of connection to otherworldly power makes it one of the most influential religions in history. However, it does suffer from common misconceptions due to factors such as the media and those who embrace the demonic side of it. For those who practice it in the correct manner, it expresses a great sense of care for others through healing and allows people to connect with one another.
The origins of Voodoo can be traced back to 1724 when salves were commonly being shipped into New Orleans, Louisiana from various parts of Africa and Haiti. It was here where Voodooism was at its peak and acted as the staple of entire civilizations. The healing aspects that Voodoo originated from in Africa and Haiti still remain the main focus of the religion along with the sense of fellowship with nature that is brought with it. In Africa, the religion guides people to their everyday lives. The priests and witchdoctors have high regards and authority among the community due to their close relationship with the spirits and gods. The spread into the Americas did not reach its prime until the late 1960s and early 1970s in places such as New Orleans, New York, and Chicago as these were the places that the older generations of slaves flocked to after gaining freedom. During this time the Civil Rights’ Act were undergoing and young African Americas were embracing their African roots and returning to the practice of Voodoo.
As slaves were beaten into submission, they were forced to cling on to the one common factor that would hold them together in their time o...

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