Essay on Information on the Illuminati

Essay on Information on the Illuminati

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The illuminati are a group of people who claim to have unusual religious enlightenment. This group is known all over the world as an elite secret society that controls the world. The members of this group include many world leaders such as Presidents of the United States, English royalty, bank owners, movie producers and even owners of major food corporations such as McDonalds (Fritz 2). The members of this group have the power to control every aspect of the modern economy. Most people believe that the modern Illuminati are exactly the same as it was when it first began, but that is not true. Origins of the Illuminati can be traced back to 500 B.C in Egypt (BBC America N.P). The illuminati mascot is the eye of Horus. The eye of Horus is also known as the all Seeing Eye. This symbol has been placed on U.S currency, clothing brands and more.
The illuminati use deception to hide their satanic symbols. There are millions of illuminati occult symbols in plain sight all over the united states. Clues found in Babylon give insight as to why and how the Illuminati came into existence. The first written tablets talk about a great flood that re shaped the earth, similar to the story in the bible. The tablets also talk about people who came from the heavens and built pyramids. The people who came from the heavens were the Annunaki.
The Annunaki were the rulers of cro magnon man under king Anu (BBC America N.P) King Anu ruled through the eye of horus. The Annunaki bred with the daughters of man and re shaped the cro magnon man into the modern human race. The Annunaki continued to rule Babylon and fought many wars, until they were forced to convert to a new religion. Judaism was the new religi...

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...s society, Bilderberger group and the trilateral commission council on foreign relations. Each of the groups mentioned above carry must prestige and respect. In order to gain entrance to one of the clubs one would have to be recommended by a existing member. Once a person is recommended they are reviewed by the club. The leaders of the club respect academics and wealth. A person recommended by a member will only be admitted only if the leaders feel the person will portray the club accurately. The illuminati have survived to this day. The illuminati try to control every aspect of modern life, but they cannot do so if they will remain vigilant and educate themselves. There are millions of symbols and signs in plain sight all over the U.S Americans need to further educate themselves on the history of America and drown out this evil epidemic before it’s too late.

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