Essay on Information of Government Agencies to Work For

Essay on Information of Government Agencies to Work For

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My first organization is the United States International Trade Commision. This organization deals with import injury, intellectual property, industry/economic analysis, and Tariff affairs. The trade commission does many things for one they check up on big companies that deal with international trade and make sure that they are not being sold short and losing money. They also get involved in a company when they believe they are doing unfair trading between parties and trying to scheme money from the other companies. The commission studies various international trade matters to make sure that everyone is doing everything legally. The commissions mission statement says “to administer U.S. trade remedy laws within its mandate in a fair and objective manner; provide the president, the united states trade representative and congress with independent, quality analysis, information, and support on matters relating to tariffs and international trade and competitiveness; and maintain the harmonized tariff schedule of the United States. In so doing, the commission serves the public by implementing U.S. law and contributing to the development of sound and informed U.S. trade policy. The trade commission has to make sure that everything going on internationally with trade is safe and ethically and morally sound. Its main goal is to protect companies from getting stuck with illegal trade items or getting stolen from without the company noticing. The job that they perform is extensive they have to know what is going on in this country but also all the countries that we import from. That means that this organization has to be on there A game at all times. One missed shipment and the whole agency could get in trouble. This organization makes it po...

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...ser to the end of actually getting your patent. You have to pay fees to file a patent and at the end you wont even be guaranteed that it will be accepted by the patent office. Inside each of those 13 steps is an addition 2 to 3 steps. The maintenance fees that you pay before receiving an acceptance or declination of your patent has to be paid in at most an 11 and a half year trial. There are essentially 5 types of patents that one can apply for each with a different type of application that you must fill out. There is a provisional application for patent and a nonprovisional patent application along with a design patent application a plant patent application and filing an international patent. Many people do not realize how much this organization actually has to do. They have to read through every patent that enters the United States and either accept it or deny it.

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