Information Needs of Royal Malaysia Police Essay

Information Needs of Royal Malaysia Police Essay

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1.0 Introduction to Malaysian Policing
The existence of police in Malaysia has achieved 200 years age which began with effective Charter of Justice (Piagam Keadilan) in Penang in year 1807. Nevertheless, it has been started during the Malay Sultanate era which at that time the role of police officer carried by the Temenggong. Modern and systematic police institution establishment have started in Penang on 25 March 1807 which became starting point to emergence of police force in this country. The term police had been introduced when the Dutch conquered Malacca. Since then, the roles of police became important in order to protect and help the administrator manage the country. Now, the Malaysian Police known as Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) or Police DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) which help the government to control and maintain the security and safety of Malaysian citizens.

1.1 History of Policing in Malaysia
The Malaysian policing history recorded to be started in 1807 at Penang with the proclamation of the Charter of Justice. However, the role of police has been identified during the Malay Sultanate which at that time, they already have their own set of laws and were currently practiced. The laws practiced were then focused on customary laws or Islamic laws 'syariah' while enforcement was carried out by the “Temenggong” which can be considered as the police officer. Temenggong was appointed by the king to take care of the port, to solve the problem of crime, markets, roads, towns, weights and measures, required to monitor the prison inspection, be fair, looking for followers of the trust and consult with them. Besides that, the headman had their own “police force" which responsible to collect taxes and enforce laws and protect the ...

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