Information Management Questions and Answers

Information Management Questions and Answers

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1) What does information management mean to you?
Someone has rightly said, "Information management is a bridge between users and technical implementers, between aspiration and reality, between what's unrealized and what's possible." Information drives the economy. If employees of an organization know the value of information based decision making, it can help the organization drive forward. Information Management is about learning the different aspects of information, technology and people. It is about understanding the user groups, their needs and making a useful product. It is more focussed on the future of technology, where the technology is going and less about the past of software development and building hardware as solution.
2) What will you do with this degree?
3) Why did you choose the MSIM program at the University of Washington Information School? How did you find us?
Two of my friends are studying Information Management in American universities, and I talked with them at length about MSIM programs. I began researching the possibility, and was charged up by the description of the industry-oriented course in the MSIM program at University of Washington, particularly because of its emphasis on experience-based learning: students get to work with real-world problems, and get ample opportunities to discover what they really want, and to build their profile and resume in that direction. Series of guest lectures and professors and their vast background really affords you lot of opportunities to get a bigger picture of the industry. Students learn strategic values of information in today’s global knowledge economy. I was excited to hear that we have to work on case studies, with offsetting twists and turns, which will help us learn to think from different directions in order to deal with unexpected issues. The MSIM program at University of Washington is globally focussed. I am excited about capstone project since it will help us to incorporate the academic side of things into practical application.

4) Please give an example of an information management project that you have done in the past, either in school or at work. If you have not worked on an information management project, please give a project idea you might be interested in working on in the future.
Ask Phil:
The Mobile Store is an online mobile store which sells smartphones. With the advent of many smartphone OS and numerous models within one price range offering similar features; it is difficult for customers to find the right product.

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Since the store is online, customers do not get a personalized experience. In the proposed system, there will be an automated online assistant, ‘Phil’ with whom customer can interact. Phil will be feed with data regarding various smartphone’s, like their features, prices and user reviews i.e. Phil will knows all about the content on the website and answers questions based on natural language, so customers can actually ask Phil questions in their own words. There will be a chatting window, wherein customers may type in their queries. If customers wants to know which phone is best suited within price range, Phil will suggest phones that fall within the category mentioned and provide the links in order of their user reviews so that user can make the best choice. He can also help the customer with online payment. Thus, Ask Phil will not only help customers by providing phones and tablets best suited for their needs but also give them a personalized experience which is lacking in online stores.
5) Describe a situation in which you have demonstrated your leadership skills.
In school, I was elected as the captain of ‘red’ house. I had the responsibility of conduction intra school events, and leading the teams during our annual sports event. During one of the running competitions in our annual sport event, one member of our house was wrongfully disqualified. He was our best athlete and we expected him to be in top 3 in that race. He and other team members were disappointed and their morale was low. I realized that it was important not just to give them a prep talk but more importantly to make them believe we can win. I knew I had to perform well in one of the races wherein I was a participant. I did my best in that event and finished third, an important result because it was a huge improvement from my previous performances and nobody expected me to come in top four. My team members saw me giving everything and that certainly inspired them. With everybody chipping in and giving their best performance, our house managed to come second overall and received the silver sports trophy. It was an extremely satisfying experience since we were considered as one of the weaker teams.

6) During your career as an information management student and professional, you will be called upon to work in teams that are extremely multicultural and extended over time and space. How have your experiences and attitudes prepared you to work in this sort of environment? What is your experience with diversity and/or diverse/multicultural groups? Discuss your potential to bring diversity/multiculturalism/globalization to the field of this profession.
I completed my schooling in 6 different cities. It has helped me to develop a diverse perspective and a distinct personality. It helped get used to making adapt to a new place and become friends with kids of my age, since each city and its people are unique When I was a kid, I used to find it difficult to move to a new place and leave a place where I had settled in. But I learned how to get acquainted and build relationship with people. Few of the cities where I did my schooling had students from various parts of India. When I was in Aurangabad, I had five friends in my friends group who were from five different states. Moreover, my four years in Mumbai- a cosmopolitan metro- have made my personality compatible to multiculturalism. Thus, working with people with diverse background has never been a problem, because of my background.
As far as globalization is concerned, I have been brought up in an era of globalization and that has made me globalization-friendly. In view of this, I am quite suited to bring the profession the requisite attributes.

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