Essay on Information Management Case Studies :

Essay on Information Management Case Studies :

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There are tried-and-true methods that are usually already known before employees attain their jobs, and in order to get employees to accept and learn new software it would have to be engaging and innovative. Often the case with this type of software all it does is provide a new user interface where employees have to learn new ways to do the same tasks. The design of any such software needs to be able to present coherent and current data, which is pertinent to their jobs, as well as provide an easy to learn interface that is convenient to use. The software should provide an appealing way to do tasks, in a way that also engenders a desire to actively use the program, in order to provide incentive for employees to learn the software. Employees need to understand how this software will help them do their jobs. Management needs to consider how to actively get employees engaged in using the software otherwise the program will probably fail to be of use at an enterprise scale.
NASA Goddard space flight Center social media site called Spacebook consisted of user profiles, group workspaces with access to file sharing and discussion boards, and other features. (Laudon, 2015) Space book failed because the designers didn’t design their software to allow for completion of tasks and a new way, and by not tailoring the software to be easy but enticing as well is what caused it to fail. Red Robin’s social media site Yammer, consisted of many of the same types of features, it was also designed in a way that allowed it to be fast and efficient piece of software that allowed for the exchange of information, and it was also tailored to the company’...

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...tion that they have collected. All of these factors mean that privacy is almost nonexistent for users who actively post personal information on Facebook.
In my opinion, it is impossible for Facebook to have a successful business model without invading privacy, without privacy laws enacted to govern their use of that data then Facebook will continue to use private information for monetary gain. If over 80% of their income is generated from advertising, alongside the fact that tailored advertising generates far more revenue than generic advertising, then the implementation of privacy strictures would mean a substantial impact to that revenue. It is possible that Facebook could implement measures to protect the more sensitive kinds of private information, and use just the “likes”, interests, and page visits to generate tailored advertising without infringing on privacy.

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