Information Literacy and Leadership Essay

Information Literacy and Leadership Essay

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The purpose research is to outline the importance of information literacy and recommendations for the future. Specifically, it argues for the importance of Information Literacy to individuals, business, and citizenship. It suggests opportunities to develop information literacy which addresses the information age in school.

Information Literacy and Leadership
Information literacy in individuals' lives has traditionally valued quality of life and the pursuit of happiness; however, these goals are increasingly difficult to achieve because of the complexities of life in today's information and technology dependent society. The cultural and educational opportunities available in an average community, for example, are often missed by people who lack the ability to keep informed of such activities, and lives of information illiterates are more likely than others to be narrowly focused on second-hand experiences of life through television. In an attempt to reduce information to easily manageable segments, most people have become dependent on others for their information. Porter (1985) stated that there is ample evidence that those who learn now to achieve access to the bath of knowledge that already envelops the world will be the future's aristocrats of achievement, and that they will be far more numerous than any aristocracy in history (p. 673).
Abridged Literature Review
Information prepackaging in schools and through broadcast and print news media, in fact, encourages people to accept the opinions of others without much thought. When opinions are biased, negative, or inadequate for the needs at hand, many people are left helpless to improve the situation confronting them. Information literacy, therefore,...

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