Essay on Information Helps Employee Satisfaction Action Teams

Essay on Information Helps Employee Satisfaction Action Teams

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Every two years, my employer, conducts an Employee Survey in which all employees are invited and encouraged to participate. Its purpose is to gather employee thoughts and opinions to make the company an even better place to work. The Employee Survey is a foundational tool used to measure and continuously improve employee engagement. This information helps Employee Satisfaction Action Teams (ESATs) understand where to they can make a difference in the employee experience.
The survey evaluates an engagement model that has three levels: basic, intermediate, and advance. The basic level surveys job satisfaction, competent supervision, work environment, and the feeling of respect. The intermediate level evaluates employee commitment, development / growth opportunities, teamwork, and involvement. Where as, the advance level focuses on the confidence in leaders ' decision making and their engagement in moving organization forward.
The 2015 engineering results showed a 100% response rate and revealed the following favorability scores: Basic 44% vs 65% target, Intermediate 37% vs 65% target, and advance 35% vs 60% target. Based on the 2013 results all three levels show a downward trend with the salaried employees showing the least favorability of 42% than those of the hourly engineering workers, 73%.
The basic level is the foundation of the engagement model. Favorability results need to be higher at this level if the corporation expects to score well at the Intermediate and Advance levels. Unfortunately, the company fell short of the target by 21%. This basic level of the model plays an important role of the environment variable of the B = f(P,E) equation (Behavior is a function of Person-Environment Interaction).
Our business un...

... middle of paper ... of their team in meeting the goals of the organization. They also need to stress the more interesting and challenging aspects of each job and manage the employees’ perception. Managers need to understand that their employees are their customers.
By positively changing the environment, this alters people’s behavior in the right direction, resulting in people being more satisfied with the work they are doing, motivating a more positive attitude and creating higher levels of commitment. These employees are then more likely be more willing to take on additional responsibilities without increase in compensation or work longer hours to complete a project. It’s the managers’ responsibility to understand what motivates their employees and create a positive work environment. By aligning people with the proper environment, the correct or expected behavior will result.

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