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Information And Terms Of Use And Disclaimer Essay

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3 March16 - Content for Terms of Use and Disclaimer – Summittech - Shri

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Terms of Use

Copyright and Disclaimer


This website is aimed at delivering general purpose content only. It is in no way constitute as a legal or professional advice or a substitute for it on the facts and circumstances described. SBS Consulting claims no warranties or representations of any kind, implied or expressed, with respect to the accuracy, reliability, and wholeness, and availability or suitability of the website or the information for any other purpose. SBS Consulting admits no obligation for the losses that may incur from accessing or relying on information presented on this website. SBS Consulting hereby explicitly denies, under the applicable law, any and all obligations for the losses and/or damages incurring out of or in connection with the usage of this web portal or its contents.

Copyright Contents

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd owns “” and the information it displays. The content, web pages, trademarks, logos, designs, documents, graphics, and multimedia are protected under the provisions of IP (Intellectual Property), copyright and trademark laws. Without our prior and express concern, information, in any form, on this website may not be adapted, modified, reproduced, published, transmitted, uploaded, publicly displayed or otherwise distributed, in any format or medium.

Third Party Links

The website may present links to external web portals. SBS Consulting is in no way liable for the information or working of any such external websites. The risk in the usage of any third party web portals, goods and services are stringently your own.

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The TOU and other guidelines cover the complete agreement between you and the SBS Consulting. The TOU and the interaction between you and the SBS Consulting shall be subjected to the Singaporean Law. The failure to implement the TOU shall not be seen as the waiver of the provisions in TOU. You agree to file any rightful claim in connection with the use of the Service within one year of disputed event.


SBS Consulting 's Directors, Members, Officers, and Employees shall not be responsible for any loss resulting from the use of The Service. Please send your questions and comments to

It is presumed that YOU as the User agrees with the TOU, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy published by SBS Consulting. The user 's continued use of the SBS Consulting 's site means he or she has accepted the policy.

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