Essay on Information and Communication Technology in Saudi Arabia

Essay on Information and Communication Technology in Saudi Arabia

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ICT has revolutionized the world especially in commerce, education and socialization. It has reduced the world into a small global village. This has been facilitated by the greatest innovation in the information and communication technology (ICT): the internet. Since its innovation, there have been many benefits and opportunities that have been realized from different quotas including; education sector, business sector, health sector, communication sector and transport sector among others. Many organizations in these and other sectors have in one way or another adopted the use of the internet so as to enhance their services, processes and products. In addition, the use of ICT has become one of the factors that add to competitive advantage and thus every other organization wants to gain this competitive edge against other organizations: including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The main aspect of ICT adoption in Saudi Arabia has been online service provision such as e-learning and e-trade. Through providing services online, organizations have been able to reach out to a wider market, specifically the international market. The internet has been able to break down geographical barriers that in the past hindered trade and interaction between and among countries from different geographic regions. Secondly, online services have enabled organizations cut operational cost significantly and thus enhance the financial performance of such organizations. In addition, the internet has enhanced communication between organizations and their customers, irrespective of their location and in real time (Al-Gahtani, Hubona, & Wang, 2007)
2- The ICT and the IT system
The adoption and use of internet in Saudi Arabia has been on the rise. Compared to most un...

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... conducive for e-learning. Additionally, the internet has a rich database of information required for learning.
8- Conclusion
Saudi Arabia has developed rapidly in all sectors because of information and communication technology. ICT has significant impact in all sectors of economy of Saudi Arabia. It has also enabled the government to implement strategies that benefit citizens in terms of information technology that has led to high GDP and economic growth. The desert land that Saudi Arabia is known for has faded to an ICT hub. This is because of the strategic value that information technology has provided the country is insurmountable. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exposes children to ICT at an early age through introduction of information and communication technology in schools so as to prepare them for the complex technological society that awaits them later in life.

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