Information and Communication Technology in Educational Institutions Essay

Information and Communication Technology in Educational Institutions Essay

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ICT stands for Information and communication technology. In educational institutions, ICT's are a range of tools meant for the purpose to aid teachers and learners in all areas of the curriculum. ICT, if used correctly, attempts to improve achievement, motivation and thinking across all subjects when used as learning tools. ICT enables the student to represent and construct their own understanding from the vast amounts of information that is available to them. Students would incorporate ICT to reflect, inquire, manage and access information to create ideas and evaluations that could be communicated with others. As the knowledge society obtains continues to grow at a rapid pace, emerging technologies continue to be introduced and refined. Many schools and communities are able to access a broader selection of ICT tools and so have increasing opportunities to promote quality education with and through ICT. As the nature of ICT is interactive and dynamic, it has the potential to effectively meet the needs of the individual student by providing opportunities to direct their learning and complete tasks and pursue and understanding of information in ways that meet their needs and interests.

As educators it is important for teachers to acknowledge the significance and importance of the emerging technological learning style in which students are becoming accustomed too, which is the “click and go” generation. This new styled learner will be technologically savvy, would obtain most of their information electronically, computer-based learners, socially interacting with others through email or the internet and would understand how to communicate information through the integration of various technologies. Through the use of ICT, teachers ...

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... model of teaching and learning to an autonomous and independent learning model that encourages critical thinking and creativity with independent research. Learners would be expected to collect, select, analyse, organise, extend, transform and present knowledge using ICT in authentic and active learning model. Teachers are expected to create a new flexible and open learning environment with interactive, experiential and multimedia based delivery system. ICT incorporation would help teachers and learners to communicate and collaborate without boundaries, make learners autonomous and allow teachers to bring the whole world into classroom activities. It is ultimately important to understand the roles of ICT in this classroom as it would promote positive educational changes in student learning but also create a much more effective classroom and learning environment.

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