Essay about Information And Communication Technologies ( Icts )

Essay about Information And Communication Technologies ( Icts )

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• According to ICT Government of Africa, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) consist of a range of technological products that enable the transmission, and reception of information. These ICT products include computers, e-mail and telecommunications services, satellite communications, and the Internet services.
• Their usage is essential and they improve the quality of life of people, particularly in the health system, education, and agriculture sectors (Mansell & Wehn, 1998). IDEA (2000) has proved that the presence of Internet in Africa has created new opportunities and advancement in governance, making the economic environment favorable for multinational companies. For instance, the use of ICTs has greatly increased the transparency and efficiency in various African states.
• Moreover, it has enhanced international competitiveness and development in the economic growth. Many countries in Africa, have started to appreciate the importance and opportunities ICT offers, especially they perceive there is less a gap between them and the rest of the world.
• Sub-Saharan Africa began experiencing internet connectivity from the early 1990s onwards: Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Togo had the privilege to experience this invention and in the last decades, some other countries in Africa are undergoing the development of technology as well. Internet connectivity in Africa, is an evidence that Africans have made a step to be part of the information society, even though it is they are at their preliminary phrase.
• The mobile telecommunication is considered as one of the greatest investment opportunities in the continent and investors who have taken an advantage of it, have acquired a great return on investme...

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...e in the rural areas.
• The telecommunications sector in sub-Saharan Africa has acknowledged great changes, thanks to the improvement in the governmental regulatory and infrastructure. Some companies have achieved positive result of growth since structural reforms has been made, especially they earned a boom in mobile telephony.
• Despite risks, we cannot deny the success in this sector, especially in the mobile phone sector. The wired network and also the landline subscribers’ rate are low but forecast of higher rates have been prospected.
• In conclusion, this study illustrates that there is an advantage of a business prospective and a crucial opportunity for ICT companies. Telecommunication has two important features that customers require: mobility and sharing of data, and that is exactly what the population of sub-Saharan Africa are demanding.

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