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Information About Hiv / Aids Essay

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Globally, the number of health workforce is not enough not only in developing countries but in developed countries. However, there is a big gap in Africa. The disease burden is remarkable high in Africa, but the number of health workforce, health service provider and health management and support worker ranks in the last row. The estimation is that minimum 2.5 doctors or nurses or midwives are needed on antiretroviral delivery for HIV/AIDS (Hill 2014). As mentioned above, human resource is another essential and important factor to maintain the quality of antiretroviral drugs. The staffs who work in the warehouse can be medical work staffs and nonmedical work staffs. The following content will elaborate the general information about HIV/AIDS relevant staffs and the influences through medical workforce and other workforce perspective.

2.2.1 Medical workforce800
In order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and develop the efficiency of antiretroviral treatment program, the quantity and quality of health workforce is essential and indispensable. However, in Africa, the loss of health staffs is incredible. In Zambia, the overall HIV/AIDS staff loss rate by cadre is 30% (Huddart, Furth& Lyons 2004). In South Africa, 4000 doctors left public sector for private sectors or for other countries during 4-year-priod (Kapp 2004); meanwhile, 78% rural doctors are international (Martineau, Decker& Bundred 2002). Due to HIV/AIDS, the three main threats contribute the loss of health staffs: increased working load and skill requirement, illness and death for health staffs, and the psychosocial stress of dying patients and their own sick relatives; in addition, fear, stigma and discrimination have effect on the number of health staffs...

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...ess the appropriate and timely treatment; without health dissemination of health information, the HIV related knowledge may not be able to disseminate and acquired commonly only rely on the free education from government; without the financial support, the patients who live in the rural area may not be able to accept the free first-line antiretroviral drugs and prolong their lives; without the governance, the relationship between patients and health staffs would be deprived and caused the shortage of HIV related health staffs.
Therefore, in order to decrease the disease burden, it is necessary to combined all the building blocks together and combined global together. With the help and aids from other countries, the working conditions for health staffs would be developed; the adequate equipment would be improved; more patients would be likely to receive the treatment.

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