Informatics Use in Nursing Practice Essay

Informatics Use in Nursing Practice Essay

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One area of nursing that is growing at an extraordinary pace is the specialty of informatics. A majority of hospitals today have implemented informatics into nursing care in one form or another. By looking at one hospital’s use of technology the extent of nursing informatics becomes clearer. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how informatics has influenced nursing paperwork, communication, support tools, and patient safety in a level one trauma center in downtown Phoenix.
Hospital Information
Health System
Banner Health System is a non-profit health system that has 23 hospitals spanning seven states. While it is one of the largest health systems in the Southwest it is also one of ten integrated health networks in the nation. The system has reached this status by offering physician services, hospice services and home care. With such a large system it has become expected that services offered are going to be the most current and technological available. This is no more evident than at Banner Health’s flag hospital located across the street from their corporate headquarters in Phoenix Arizona.
Medical Center
Located in downtown Phoenix is a level one trauma center that is the largest hospital in the Banner Health System. Good Samaritan began serving the citizens of Phoenix in 1911 and has continued the high level of care that has become expected. The hospital was the location of a nursing diploma program until the late 1970’s and still continues to be a teaching hospital for aspiring medical personnel. While Good Sam may no longer train nurses they still live up to nursing excellence as evident by the achievement of being designated Magnet by the American Nurse’s Association. The medical center has also grow...

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