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The National Reading Panel identifies alphabetics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as four literacy essentials. These fundamentals are what make up readers, without these skills students’ cannot progress in reading. In order for each individual student to thrive teachers must diagnose and implement appropriate reading content. There are many ways to assess each student in the classroom. A favored methodology among classroom teachers is Informal Reading Inventory.
Informal Reading Inventory(IRI) is a system that measures the skill level of individual students’ reading performance. Nina L. Nilsson, an experienced scholar in the field of literacy education published a journal article about IRIs and the importance they serve. She states, “While IRIs serve a variety of purposes, perhaps their greatest value is linked to the important role they play in helping educators to diagnose the gaps in the abilities of readers who struggle the most.”. When students are aligned with pertinent material it helps prevent gaps in their present and future learning. IRIs consist of grade word lists and oral and silent passages that increase in difficulty. The IRI yields four levels: independent, instructional, frustration, and listening capacity (Gunning, 2014, p120). What students’ can handle independently, what they can obtain with instruction, frustration level, and the capacity they can comprehend. With all the information retrieved teachers can tailor each student with their level of reading material.
There are many IRIs available to educators. Many schools provide teachers with a few choices for each grade level, however, there is IRIs available for purchase, or some educators create their own. The procedure for adminis...

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...ble to obtain information about students vocabulary, is crucial to establish a vocabulary developmental program. Some IRIs available provides vocabulary knowledge assessments that can gauge the level of vocabulary comprehension. Generally vocabulary and comprehension scores are comparable. When comprehension is scored high, vocabulary scores are typically higher (Gunning, 2014, p140).
All this research provided, and research I have conducted myself has provided me with great insight on Informal Reading Inventory. I believe it is important to find ways to measure students knowledge without the intimidating feel of a test. This is a great way to get to know your readers, and make them feel comfortable and encouraged. I intend to use IRIs in my future classroom in order to make sure each child gets the materials they need in order to grow into strong readers.

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