Essay Informal Conversation About Teacher Evaluations

Essay Informal Conversation About Teacher Evaluations

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Interviewer: This is just going to be a very informal conversation about teacher evaluations that you are using now. We are going to start with a few quick questions about your experience as a teacher. Including this year, how many years have you been a full time classroom teacher?

Interviewee: 15 years.

Interviewer: And what about [inaudible][00:00:21].

Interviewee: 15 years.

Interviewer: Have you received tenure?

Interviewee: Yes.

Interviewer: What was your pathway into teacher?

Interviewee: I went to college for education.

Interviewer: What is the population of students that you get, in terms of demographic and economic status?

Interviewee: What is the percentage?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Interviewee: Probably like 60 percent Hispanic, 25 percent white, some Asian kids.

Interviewer: What subject and grades do you teach?

Interviewee: I teach ninth grade social studies.

Interviewer: What is the relationship like between the teachers at you school?

Interviewee: They are not as good as they used to be, They used to be a lot better. I would say they used to be a lot collegial.

Interviewer: What about the principal what is she like?

Interviewee: The principal is a good person, individually, on a one on one basis. She explains things well sometimes, on a one on one basis. I think, to the staff, the direction becomes kind of muddled. Personally, I like her very much, organizationally, I don’t think the school is run that well.

Interviewer: What about the relationship between the teachers and the principal, do you think that the teachers trust her?

Interviewee: No.

Interviewer: Now we are going to talk about the measures of [inaudible][00:02:25]. Do you feel that the aspects of the Danielson framework, are addressing...

... middle of paper ...

...el, as an administrator, that this person needs help and is not a good teacher. I think four is too much, I think the first five years, maybe it should be four times, and actually, as a new teacher I wouldn’t have minded. I never minded because I really didn’t know what I was doing, to a large degree. So, I didn’t really mind it as much as a new teacher.

Interviewer: For guidance and everything.

Interviewee: Yeah, and I have no problem now sitting down and talking about things that we can do to make my classroom a better place. I am new to ninth grade, I just started teaching ninth grade. Even though I have been teaching awhile, that is a new subject for me.

Interviewer: Now we are going to talk a little about your measure to student learning in the assessments. Can you tell me what assessments are being used in your state measures and people measures this year?

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