Influenza Virus And The Pandemic Epidemic Essay

Influenza Virus And The Pandemic Epidemic Essay

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A high public health threat across the globe affecting thousands of people is the influenza virus and the different strains that recently evolved. Influenza viruses are said to be pathogenic and can be highly contagious when not properly treated immediately (Pfleiderer et al, 2014). This deadly virus has affected countless regions or areas throughout the earth for hundreds of years. Over the span of years, researchers have been studying and reproducing various new influenza vaccines due to the high rates of mortality and disease caused by this prevalent virus. There have been several epidemic outbreaks of this virus and doctors have seen different strains of the virus linked back to Influenza A and B. In today’s society, there has been a spread of mandatory vaccinations of healthcare workers in order to maintain and control the spread of the any strain of the influenza virus. Like any other illness or disease, influenza is found mostly in the elderly and young children. Approximately, 90% of influenza-related deaths occur in adults over the age of 65 (Buynder et al, 2013). As a person ages, their immune system decreases, enabling them to be prone to catching contagious illnesses.
Throughout the years, there have been several epidemic outbreaks of the different strains of the influenza virus. For example in 2013, there were 49 confirmed influenza-related cases in China, including 11 deaths caused by the illness (Liu et al, 2013). H7N9 influenza A virus (AIV) was reported as an avian related virus that was being transmitted to humans and was spreading drastically. According to the authors who observed the 49 confirmed influenza-related cases, elderly males were affected the most, “In contrast, this A(H7N9) virus has mainly infect...

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...and should not be mandated for all healthcare workers, “For these and other reasons, the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIPs) recommends influenza vaccination of all HCWs. However, the compliance rate of influenza vaccination among HCWs is generally low at 44%,” (Hakim, Gaur, McCullers, 2011). Although the idea of vaccinations against the influenza virus seemed to be a solution of controlling the spread of a contagious pathogenic virus, there was still a large amount of people who were against the idea due to medical or personal reasons. Vaccination against the influenza virus of Healthcare workers have been reported to decrease the number of employees not going to work or not being able to work due to the illness and decrease the number of deaths in hospitals, nursing homes, and other research facilities (Hakim, Gaur, McCullers, 2011).

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