Influenza Pandemic Public Health Plan Essay

Influenza Pandemic Public Health Plan Essay

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The purpose of a plan in general is to reduce incidence of adverse effects.
An initial public health plan addresses multi-level and multi-dimensional concerns. A public health plan to reduce epidemic incidence of influenza is aimed to reduce morbidity and mortality, provide continuity of operations and position the state for recovery if attacked by a novel influenza virus that causes large numbers of illnesses and deaths throughout New Jersey (NJ) (NJDHSS, 2008). In consideration such a plan necessitates establishing a target population and develop an appropriate protocol. Immunocompetent and immune-compromised individuals are significantly at risk along with infants, children, and geriatric population, all requiring specific attention. Translocation and globalization has significantly changed the propensity to expose the population to a mired of infectious diseases. The World Health Organization has identified an increase rise in global influenza pandemic with ability to reduce the health, safety, and welfare of the essential services workforce; immobilize core infrastructure; and induce fiscal instability (NJDHSS, 2008). As these effects can have an immediate and long-term consequence there is need of consideration.

New Jersey as many of the states have considered a well prepared plan to ensure a reduce risk of multi-level impact of influenza epidemic. As the effect of influenza pandemic on the private sector, which provides the majority of critical infrastructure, is potentially significant (NJDHSS, 2008). A potential collapse of state and global collapse can have a far reaching effect with long lasting effects. With this thought in mind it is essential to consider legal authorities’ position as it relates to its respo...

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...ior Services .
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NJDHSS. (2008). New Jersey's Pandemic Influenza Plan. Trenton: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services .
Novick, L. M. (2008). Public Health Administration; Principles for Populatin-Based Management. Sudbury: Jones and Bartlett.

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