Essay on Influential Trends That Have And Will Effect Education

Essay on Influential Trends That Have And Will Effect Education

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Six influential trends that have and will effect education in the 21st century are the diverse student population, privatization of education, role of government, high school reform, increased technology in the classroom, and globalization. Each impacts the present pedagogy models of education. Therefore new ways of reaching this present student population and beyond will need to be examines and evaluate. Teacher and their methodology will shift in order to prepare these students for college and career readiness for the 21st century and beyond.

Racial and ethnical distribution has shifted within the present public school student population (Racial/Ethnic, 2015, para 1). The number of non-Hispanic whites have decreased 59 – 51 percent while the number of Hispanics students increased by 18 - 24 percent (Racial/Ethnic 2015 para 1). Thought the Hispanic population has increased they have not been able to claim the majority in overall student population. If all the ethnic groups like, Asians, African-Americans, American India/Native groups pull their populations together they would become a “collective majority” (Maxwell, L. 2014 para 3). As this new majority group is formed a multicultural dynamic within the class room transpires which the teacher will need to address as they present basic content knowledge material to a multiple of diverse student.
Usually low income and minority children lag behind when entering kindergarten if they do not receive the needed high-caliber pre-school education (Centre for Public Education, 2012). Therefore school districts need to plan for quality pre-school or pre-K programs so that these at risk children will make strides to over come this initial achievement gap (Center for Pub...

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...clude thinking critically and creatively to master the necessary knowledge which is changing at a rapid pace (Tapscott, D. 2009. pg.127).

The Millennials rely on technology because they have integrated it into all areas of their lives. While the teacher are being to incorporate technology into their teaching methodology to reach this dynamic students population.

Technology impacts the teacher and the student both as they implement a new pedagogy models which open a new dimension of learning. Through the interaction between the student an which the teacher will need to adapt to technology creative thinking skills occur which result in a new learning strategy.. “The ultimate interactive learning environment will be the whole and the Net as a whole” (Tapscott D. n.d. ). Students now construct knowledge anew by creative think process and new learning method.

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