Influential Musical Instruments: The Guitar Essays

Influential Musical Instruments: The Guitar Essays

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Musical instruments open up the creativity while producing a beautiful melody. The guitar is an insturment that speaks another language because it communicates to people without saying a single word through rythme. For instance, a lot of cultures use guitars to show happiness in their story telling. The guitar made history for Blues and Rock in Roll because without the guitar a lot of music scenes would not exist. Culturally the guitar is seen as a positive symoble it allows people to express their feelings with one another in a unique way. Just like how a family carry traditions, so does a guitar it cares traditions.The guitar represents a story that is being told through ditions that are passed down to the next generation. The usual ritual is to practice playing the guitar because without practice success would not be reached.
The guitar language appeals to so many people because it is used in different types of music generas. It is the main component that draws the audience into the performer’s music. For instance, there is some people who prefer an upbeat rhythm while others prefer a slower tempo. When the artist plays the guitar while adding some lyrics it’s an exposition of creatity. In other words it’s like a diary that they put out for people to hear. For example, the band “Atlas Genius” uses instruments as a way to enhance their music because the instruments are the main components that build a strong meaningful song. The rythme of the guitar can be translated in a lot of ways. For instance, the guitar represents a lot of different things to a lot different people however main thing that the guitar represents is music in which it expresses how the person is feeling. Overall the guitar represents joy and an outlet to say ...

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...t is passed down to further generations.
Rituals are in a way like traditions, but are different because its more like a routine. Practing to play guitar is a ritual becaue it is repeating a process that will create a foundion . For example, when guitarist has a performance they practice religiously in order to have a successful performance that captures the audience attention. Rituals can also consist of performing with a pick rather than just strumming with your thumb. Some guitarist can not perform live without their pick it is what makes the song sound the way it does.
In Conclusion, the guitar is a form of art that is beautiful and interesting at the same time. It is also like a journal you are able to say what is on your mind while using a creative twist. The guitar evolves over time, but the memorable songs that are played on the guitar never change.

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