Essay on Influencing and Leadership: Matthew E. Menner

Essay on Influencing and Leadership: Matthew E. Menner

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Today, in the business world, there are many influential and successful men and women; however, one particular man has influenced my life, as a role model and inspiration. Matthew Menner is the senior vice president of strategy for Transplace, Inc. He works for a leading third-party logistics and technology solutions provider, focusing on transportation management business processes outsourcing. Throughout his life he has held many jobs, but they all have one thing in common: each job he has received is from his network. Though his jobs are respectable, it is not just those that have inspired me; it is how he got there and the process of becoming a successful business leader that motivate me. Matthew Menner graduated from Green Mountain College, where he received his associates degree in liberal arts. From there, he followed his dream of working on the railroad and went to college at Syracuse University and completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration-marketing management, and masters in transportation and distribution-marketing management (Green Mountain College). After meeting Menner during a presentation at Castleton State College, I realized he reminded me of myself. His inspiring story encouraged me to believe I can and will achieve my goals because of the determination and drive he has shown me I possess. I know I can accomplish the unimaginable, because of Menner’s success.
Menner’s career started when he attended Green Mountain College. During his time at college, he met Renée Beaupré-White. After class one day he meet with her, and during the meeting, he told her something he had no plans of doing. Menner told Renée his biggest and most inconceivable dream, working for a railroad company; and what she said he...

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... his or her goals or dreams, let alone by an inspirational business leader. However, because of Matthew Menner, what was once a dream is now a goal.

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