Influences Of The Brothers Grimm Brothers Essay

Influences Of The Brothers Grimm Brothers Essay

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Haily Wortham Mrs.Martinez English IV-1st hour 04-24-16 Research Essay
Influences of the Brothers Grimm
Who Were the Grimm Brothers and how did they collect their stories? The Grimm Brothers are popular writers of the 18th Centaury. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm brought unity to Germany and saved multiple stories from being lost over time. Without the Grimm Brothers who knows what might have become of writing today. The Grimm Brothers are responsible for saving the tales that have influenced society for over two-hundred years.
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were great writers of the 17-1800’s. The brothers’ early life had a major impact on their writing. The brothers were born in Hasse-Kassel. Jacob was born January 4, 1785, and Wilhelm followed suit a year later on February 24, 1786. Being only a year apart, Jacob and Wilhelm had a close knit relationship. The two were the oldest in a family of nine children (Mynt 1). When the brothers were still young they lost their father, Philipp Wilhelm Grimm. This event sent the whole family from being rich to poor. The family was forced to live off of the support of other relatives. As a result of the loss of their father, the brothers decided to follow in his footsteps and go to law school (Ashliman 1).
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