Essay The Influences Of Inner City Juvenile Delinquency

Essay The Influences Of Inner City Juvenile Delinquency

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A Literature Review on the Influences of Inner-City Juvenile Delinquency

It is believed that children are a product of their environment. With their brains often compared to sponges, children tend mimic the language and actions of those around them and absorb those things into their memory. There are many studies on causes of juvenile delinquency, but there is much debate as to who and what is considered the primary factors of influence. The most common factors that this research has come across are parents, peers, poverty, violent crime, social behaviors, school, and gender differences. The primary group in this research is those adolescents who live inner-cities and reside in low-income based neighborhoods.
Parents are one of the primary influencers of a child’s development. Parents are also the reinforcers in a child’s life and are usually the ones that determine how a child behaves. This idea explains why it is no surprise that negative behaviors demonstrated by parents will likely lead to delinquent behaviors in a child. Reeb, Martin, Gibbons, Simmons, and Conger (2014) explained that negative behaviors included “criticism, insults, arguments, shouting, hitting, threatening, and expressions of anger directed toward children have increased the chances of delinquent behaviors.
Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between paternal and maternal hostility and juvenile delinquency. One study showed that hostility demonstrated by fathers’ triggered delinquency more than hostility from mothers. Reeb et al. (2014). Children need their parents and it is important to be good standing with them. Children and Adolescents who are emotionally attached to their parents are less likely to participate in mi...

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...t were linked to lower levels of school delinquency” (Hart and Mueller, 2012). In another study by Booth, Varrell and Varono it was stated that:
Although neighborhood context and levels of crime in the community have a mixed impact on serious delinquency and risky behavior for young men and women, students who feel positive about their school environment are much less likely to engage in either serious delinquency or risky behavior (p. 448).
Inner-city youth do not have many opportunities for extra-curricular activities because the schools do not have the means to accommodate them. To supplement this factor, inner-city youth take on the streets “extra-curricular activities” such as robbing.
Delinquency and dropping out of school goes hand-in-hand. The inner-city neighborhood is primarily the reason as to why both delinquency and dropping out occurs consecutively.

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