Influence of the Wealthy Over the Media and Politics Essay

Influence of the Wealthy Over the Media and Politics Essay

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"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one." --- —A.J. Liebling.

The majority of media in the United States, are owned in operated by wealthy individuals and corporations. Media also helps portray “big business” good or bad, depending on their influence, mostly due to contributions. Due to these contributions, select few have been able to manipulate and create a bias towards the contributor. Eventually free media and press evolved into the oligarchy that now “runs” our country.
It is impossible to report everything that happens, therefore bias in unavoidable. But the amount and degree of bias can be controlled. In this country there is said to be a liberal media and conservative media. Though it is hard to define the two, in layman’s terms, liberal is more “open ideas” in a sense and conservative is sticking to the fundamentals. It is fair to say that there are no morals in business, especially in Corporate America. If morals were the leading factor there would obviously be more diversity within the media. Take, for example, ABC Nightly News- every night one can see that NBC Nightly News is covering the same stories and topics and no more.
The media portrays a relative philosophy in that the media displays news it believes is relevant to the time. When people, such as Dan Rather and the Killian Documents, report news found to be harmful to the reputation of big business or government they are censored, or in Dan’s case forced to resign. ...

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The news is now filled with personal problems and insignificant little stories. It has transformed from making truths aware, even if they are bad, to nurturing and protecting against problems. The founding fathers are turning in their graves. This is exactly what they were fighting against, censorship and control laying with a few not the people. The Internet has formed a revolution in the way we obtain and interpret information. There is not a corporation or political influence, in most cases, and awareness about issues can be done cheaply and inexpensive without the censorship of the FCC or other organizations. We should have a new Constitution stating: separation between church, state, media (news), big business, and politics.

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