The Influence Of The Reformation Essay

The Influence Of The Reformation Essay

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(Hook) The religion of Protestantism came to be when there was the breakup within Western Christianity started by Martin Luther, John Calvin, Huldrych Zwingli and other Protestant Reformers. Protestantism came to be in the 16th century due the many influences in the surrounding world. Martin Luther opposed many of the Catholic Church’s teachings and sought change in the church. Huldrych Zwingli began questioning the Catholic Church in the early 15th century; eventually his ideas began to spread starting the concept of Zwinglism. French theologian, John Calvin his views on theology became popular and came to be known as Calvinism. During the 16th century numerous beliefs which differed from the Catholic Church arose, Lutheranism was the most substantial causes for coming of Protestantism.
A series of events caused a domino effect during the period of Protestant Reformation as well as leading up to it. The influences of the reformation period varied starting with the corruption in the Black Death. In times of crisis, people looked to the church for comfort. There was nothing comforting about the Catholic Church during the Black Death. The plague emerged in 1347 and had effects that would remain for decades in Western Europe. The Clergy end religious people were often the caretakers for the ill. With the plague spreading rapidly with, people saw the Clergy dying and assumed it was God’s way of punishing them. For an extensive period of time, the Church was under criticism for the way it was being ran. The clergy’s abuse and longing for power and money had a huge role in the development of Protestantism. The sale of indulgences and other symbols of the Catholic Church’s corruption led people such as Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwin...

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...otestantism. There were many influences that effected the things that led up to the development of Protestantism which play a role in history as it is known today. Lutheranism got the ball rolling in a sense for the rest of the reformation period. Zwinglism combined aspects of Lutheranism as well as Calvinism and shaped the way Protestants use and interpret the bible. Calvinism was deeply influenced by Lutheranism in many ways. Calvinism was rooted in the idea of predestination, which was unheard of before this point. The English Reform was a time when changes that were necessary for Protestantism were made. Lastly, Anabaptism was different from all of the other motions but influenced Protestantism by adding its new ideas. Protestantism was an enormous step in European history, as it was the first time that there were two official branches of religion in Europe.

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