Influence of the Media on Society's Interpretation of Art Essay

Influence of the Media on Society's Interpretation of Art Essay

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Art is an expression of the mind that is open for interpretation. We are appealed to the mystery behind every meaning and the ability to the be the judges. However, what happens when that ability is lost? When art is no longer open to interpretation because the artists already know what they aim to make us believe. The power of manipulation is strong and we find ourselves falling for it everywhere we go. How we see art is influenced by what we know or what we do not know, and manipulation relies in what we do not know. The problem is we let ourselves become victims to the media’s power, losing the ability to see the meaning for ourselves. Art has transformed from free expression of the mind to becoming a tool in one of the world’s largest industries, advertisement.
Art is a visual connection to the world. When we are brought into this world the first sense we learn to communicate with is sight. “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak” (Bartholomae, and Petrosky). We learn as we grow by seeing our surroundings and its relation to us. Being able to see the world is much for exhilarating than reading of it. Art is so appealing to us because there will always be a mystery behind every art work. The artist did not spell out the meaning, because they leave it up to the viewer to decide for themselves. We have the opportunity to interpret the artist’s mind and put ourselves where they’re standing in that point of time. Seeing the view through someone else’s eye is not necessarily bad because it gives us a different perspective of the world. When we walk into an art museum and are asked to determine the meaning of a painting there is no criterion to follow because we get to be the judge. The piece...

... middle of paper ... directly to them. Teenagers are very drawn to the new fruit cigarettes that come in the appealing new packs. Therefore, they find someone 18 who can buy for them, and they start consuming the new product just as the companies had planned. We have let ourselves become so wrapped up in advertisement that companies are, in a way buying us. They pay for the advertisement and we pay for their product.
Art is a creation of the mind and expresses thought. It was never meant to change people. There used to me a story behind art and the artist’s mind and now the meaning is very clear. We are no longer able to discover it and we are no longer able to use our minds to interpret. The media has taken advantage of people’s love for art and has used it against us to control. What we can do, is to try to look past the media’s strong influence and discover rather than be told.

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