Essay on The Influence of the Halo Effect

Essay on The Influence of the Halo Effect

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The ‘halo effect’ is a term used in social psychology. It is the idea that global evaluations about a person fall over into your judgments about their specific traits (Dean, 2007) The Halo Effect is basically noticing one good characteristic in a person and assuming they possess other good characteristics, it tends to give us a biased judgment based on appearance. The halo effect affects our lives in a lot of different ways without us even realizing it. I have witnessed the halo effect happen to me personally in numerous ways.
The halo effect can often cloud your judgment of a person. Someone may assume that someone is smart just because they are wearing glasses, but in reality this person can be someone that receives failing grades. A person can think that a girl with blonde hair is an idiot when in reality she can be the brightest in her class. Being a preschool teacher, I can see how the halo effect has affected me now and can continue to affect me in the future. When I get a student who does not listen and is out of control I assume they don’t know much. If I get a child who is q...

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