Essay Influence of the Beat in Literature

Essay Influence of the Beat in Literature

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“Influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another” (Hill).On the Road by Jack Kerouac is about influence and the impact of literature, art and peers to an Individual, Jack Kerouac precisely shows this by writing about his life experiences and writing it on his book On the Road. In 1947, Dean Moriarty, a careless and ecstatic ex-prisoner, just got out of in jail and also married to Marylou a girl that Dean barely knew, who interestingly has the same characteristic as Dean Moriarty, takes a visit to New York City and visits Sal Paradise, an author That associates himself with a poet named Carlo and other group of smart individuals. Dean and Sal are very good friends, and their friendship begins years of journeys across the U.S and Mexico. With the use of bus rides and adventurous and creative but yet interesting hitchhiking trips, Sal travels the West to join his friends in Denver, which where Dean and his friend Carlo, and then continues to travel west all alone and end up at San Francisco, and for a while working as a fieldworker in California. The next year, Dean comes east to Sal again, messing up Sal's stable life again, and they head up and have an adventure to west together, on their way at Bull Lee's in Louisiana and stopping in San Francisco again. The winter after that adventure, Sal goes to consult Dean, and they go across the country together, and Dean settles in New York for a while. In the spring, Sal goes to Denver but alone, Dean eventually joins Sal and they venture off south all the way to Mexico City. And because all of these crazy movement around the country, there is a set of interesting, people, ideas that they picked up, scenery, dramas, and development of characters. Dean, a...

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